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Rubber Products carries the Rubber Products you need for your Stepvan including: Dock Bumpers, Engine Cover Bumpers, Interior Engine Cover Gasket, Mud Flaps, Rubber Fender, Shifter Boots, Sway Bar Bushing Kits and Wheel Chocks.

Rubber Products Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers

Rubber Products Engine Cover Bumpers

Engine Cover Bumpers

Rubber Products Interior Engine Cover Gasket

Interior Engine Cover Gasket

Rubber Products Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps

Rubber Products Rubber Fender

Rubber Fender

Rubber Products Shifter Boots

Shifter Boots

Rubber Products Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks

Rubber Products Bushing Kit, Sway Bar - Ford E-Series

Bushing Kit, Sway Bar - Ford E-Series


Bushing Kits, Sway Bar - GM/Workhorse

For a variety of dock bumpers you've found the right source. D-shaped bumpers or rectangular; 4in or 16in in length, solid or hollow. We also have longer dock bumpers approx. 2in x 2in and are used on truck bumpers, outside on docks and inside mounted on warehouses walls. When mounted inside they are used to stop carts from ramming into walls.

Engine cover rubber bumper have recessed centers to provide space for the bolt. These are available in 2-1/2in diameter and 1-1/2in diameter. Height is 1in and 5/8in respectively.

Interior Engine Cover Gaskets are available to replace, Grumman Olson Kurbmaster, Route Star with the one-piece front end and Utilimaster. Engine box insulation is 1in thick and foil backed with adhesive on one side. Comes in two sizes: 48in x 48in and 48in x 18in.

Heavy Duty Mud Flaps come in three sizes. All mud flaps are 24in wide and come in lengths of 20in, 30in and 36in. Anti Sail mud flap brackets fit the 30 and 36in flaps. Aluminum angle brackets come in 8 foot sections and can be cut to length.

Rubber wheel arch fender is designed to help control splash and protect the side wall of the truck. Our rubber fender is designed to fit the front and rear wheel arch area on step vans. Rubber fender is available is three different styles. Two styles mount right to the side wall of the vehicle. The third style is mounted to an aluminum mounting strip that is fastened perpendicular to the wheel arch side wall.

Shifter boots mount directly over the shifter rod and mount to the floor. We carry two styles, one for the Grumman/Morgan Olson with the Freightliner chasses and one for the Utilimaster. The Grumman Shifter boot has a 7in diameter base and the Utilimaster boot has a rectangular base with dimensions of 9.75in x 8.5in.

Mill Supply carries Sway Bar Bushing Kits that fit Ford E-Series vans and step vans and GM P-30 stepvans. For Ford the sway bar bushing kits cover the years from 1975 - on. For GM we cover the years from 1973 on for Independent and I-Beam suspension.

Wheel chocks are an inexpensive investment for your safety and the safety of others. Mill Supply has a variety of options available. Wheel chocks are manufactured in different shapes and out of different materials but if used correctly, each should perform the job. Both metal and synthetic materials are often used for wheel chocks. Our aluminum chocks are designed with teeth on the bottom, which bite into the surface below. They are ideal for ice and snow conditions. Aluminum chocks are also light weight reducing operator fatique.

Synthetic or rubber wheel chocks provide stability through the friction created between the non-slip material and the ground. They are designed to resist oil and chemicals. All of these types of wheel chocks should do the job, but there are other considerations. Because weight and gravity combine to force a wheel downhill, be sure you've got a wheel chock that can stand up to the weight of your vehicle and be sure the chock is tall enough that a larger wheel wouldn't just roll over it. For a variety of chocks click on the Chocks link above.

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